PostHeaderIcon Wells Branch 2009 Player of the Year

Player of the Year (1 pt. given for each winning score and 1 pt. for each ace during the year.)

Alex Gonzalez
(20 wins + 1 ace)
  was the Wells Branch 2009 Player of the Year with 21 points
Alex G. Alex G.
Mark T.
(15 wins + 2 aces)
  came in second with 17 points
Mark T. Mark T.
(15 wins + 1 ace)
  came in third place with 16 points.
Brian L. Brian L.


Most winning scores in 2009
(calculated by final score, not including any playoff, becaue sometimes teams split the winnings and do not playoff)
  • 20 wins: Alex Gonzalez
  • 15 wins: Mark T.
  • 15 wins: Brian
  • 8 wins: Adam, Andy, Mark C., Mike S.
  • 6 wins: Gadget
  • 4 wins: Bob, Cooper, Joel K.
  • 3 wins: Hugh, Mike B., Traye
  • 2 wins: Alex D., Bailey, Joe T.
  • 1 win: Angel, Bert, Brian X, Carlos, Chris 1, Chris 2, Daniel, Dave, David G., Jarrod, Jason, Jeremy, John, Josh, Leon, Mike X., Parker, Philip S.