PostHeaderIcon Wells Branch 2013 Player of the Year

2013 Wells Branch Player of the Year
(1 pt. given for each winning score and 1 pt. for each ace during the year.)

Abel Flores and Kyle Goens tied for 1st place with 14 points.
Abel Flores Abel Flores Kyle Goens Kyle Goens
Alex Downs, Jimmy Martinez, and Joel Kelly are tied for 3rd place with 7 points.
Alex Downs. Alex Downs.
Joel Kelly Joel Kelly
Alex Gonzalez, Brian, Dave Smith, Jerry Perez, and Mark Stevens are tied for 6th place with 6 points.
Alex Gonzales Alex Gonzales
Brian: Wells Branch Player of the Year 2008, 2010 Brian: Wells Branch Player of the Year 2008, 2010
Jerry Perez Jerry Perez
Mark Stevens Mark Stevens
Chris, Hugh Pickett,
Marco Lopez, and Marcus Hazle are tied for 11th place with 5 points.
Chris Chris
Hugh Pickett Hugh Pickett
Mark Hazle Mark Hazle
Marco Lopez Marco Lopez
John Doggett is in 15th place with 4 points.
John Doggett John Doggett
Bob, Marc C., and TJ are tied for 16th place with 3 points.
Mark C. Mark C.
Jason Winkel,
Jeff Cooper, Josh Harzewski, Mike Shay, Rob Davis, Ryan
  are tied for 19th place with 2 points.
Jason Winkel Jason Winkel
Mike Shay Mike Shay
Adam, Aissa, Alex Downs Jr., Andy Brison, Austin Mcnabb, Carlos, Chris X., Don (1 ace), Jarrod, John?, Josh Benson, Martin, Martin Rendon, Nate, Parker, Richard, Rob Helton
, Tony, Tracy, Travis, and Traye Dean
are tied for 25th place with 1 point.