PostHeaderIcon Wells Branch 2015 Player of the Year

2015 Wells Branch Player of the Year is a tie: Cory Funkenhouser and Kyle Goens tied with 12 points. In an 18-hole playoff, Cory took the title.

(1 pt. given for each winning score and 1 pt. for each ace during the year.)

Cory Frankenhauser and Kyle Goens tied for 1st with 12 points.
Kyle Goens Kyle Goens Cory Frankenhauser Cory Frankenhauser
Joel Kelly and Josh Harzewski are in 3rd with 8 points.
Joel Kelly Joel Kelly Josh Harzewski Josh Harzewski
Brian Litke is in 5th with 7 points.
Brian Litke Brian Litke
Alex Downs, Epi Ramirez, Jerry Perez, Richard Lee are tied for 6th with 5 points.
Alex Downs Alex Downs Jerry Perez Jerry Perez
Abel Flores, David Smith, Glenn Hardesty, Jeff Cooper, Jimmy Martinez, Mike Shay, Tony Pugh are tied 10th with 4 points.
Abel Flores Abel Flores
Derek Moran, Dion, Jeremy Mount, Joe Carmichel, Joe Torrence, Mark Lopez, Shane Linney, Vinnie Miller are tied for 17th with 3 points.
Marc Lopez Marc Lopez
Adrian Zapata, Don Weckler, Gabriel Downs, Gary Armijo, Justin Hill, Justin Davis, Mark Dwyer, Martin Martinez, Rob Ybarra, Sean are in 25th with 2 points.
Adam Case, Adam Hernandez, Anthony, Chris, Cliff Schecht, Damon, Dave, Gary Marotz, George, Hugh Pickett, Hunter Thomas, Jason, Jason, Jason Winkel, Jimmy, Juan Lerma, Kenny, Klay Kennedy, Kurt Richards, Marcus Hazel, Mike, Randy Barrera, Rodney Weeks, Santiago, Tony Dorsett, T.J. Elders, Zach Ortega are tied for 35th place with 1 point.