PostHeaderIcon Club Bylaws and Officers

Initial bylaws written January 1, 2013. These bylaws were ratified in May, 2013.


The name of this organization is the “Wells Branch Disc Golf Club” hereafter referred to as the WBDGC. This name may be changed during an All Member Meeting.


The purpose of the WBDGC is to promote the development of disc golf and other disc activities through organization, cooperation, and competition. The WBDGC will organize and coordinate the efforts of member volunteers to increase the quality and quantity of disc activities at Wells Branch. The WBDGC will provide information on disc golf and other disc related activities and educate its members and the community on the benefits and enjoyment of disc golf. See the Goals and Activities page for more details.


Any person who wishes to be a part of the Wells Branch Disc Golf Community and agrees to support and uphold the mission of the WBDGC may join. An active membership requires that the member has paid the current annual dues set by the club officers. For 2013-2015, annual membership dues are $10.

Wells Branch 2013 Bag Tag Wells Branch 2013 Bag Tag

All active members will:

  • receive a WB Bag Tag,
  • have the right to play for FREE in the annual WB Club Member tournament,
  • have the right to vote at any "All Member" meetings,
  • have the right to hold office,
  • have the opportunity to purchase a club T-shirt with their player number, and
  • sustain other benefits as designated by the club.

All former members who are not current with their club dues will regain their ‘Active’ status, with all rights, by paying the current yearly dues. The yearly membership period is from January 1st to December 31st of each year. Anyone joining on or after August 1st will be given full membership privileges for the remainder of the current year and the next year.


List of 2015 Officers:

  • Director of Club Operations - Brian Litke
  • Membership Coordinator - Mike Shay
  • Treasurer/Event Coordinator - Kyle Goens
  • Event Coordinator- Kurt Rickard
  • Event Photographer - Travis Wayne Baker
  • Event Coordinator- Jeff Cooper
  • Event Coordinator - Shane Linney
  • Event Coordinator- John Doggett
  • Event Coordinator - Marcus Hazle

Officers serve one-year terms. Members can nominate themselves or other willing active members for an office. A member may suggest another member for a nomination, but it must be accepted by that member to be considered valid. Current officers will be automatically included unless they request to be withdrawn. Oficer nominations are voted on by the club officers at their next meeting, and in general, people willing to contribute their time and ideas to the club can be on the club board.

All officers:

  1. must attend Club meetings annually to be considered in good standing.
  2. must be a current dues-paying Member of the Club.
  3. shall act with professionalism, fairness, and honesty in all Club matters.
  4. shall address all inquiries and suggestions from Club Members and respond to each in a timely manner.
  5. shall represent the Club with proper and positive attitude and strive to promote the Club at all times.
  6. shall receive one vote per election item during elections or decision-making voting sessions.
  7. shall receive no compensation for their services.

Meetings and Duties of Officers

The Director of Club Operations will:

  • Serve as the club's primary representative
  • Organize club meetings and activities
  • Give final approval/authorization for club purchases
  • Brainstorm and help execute ideas for community involvement
  • Review forms for club sponsored events
  • Collect materials from current board members to turn over at the January board changeover meeting

The Information Coordinator will:

  • Update weekly club mini stats on the club Facebook page and website and maintain other club records for historical purposes
  • Update posts on the WB course kiosk
  • Record the minutes of the board and All Member meetings for posting on the club Facebook page and website

The Treasurer will:

  • Be a 2nd person to provide a check/balance to monitor all club income and expenses
  • Have acess to the Club PayPal account

The Course Maintenance Coordinator will:

  • Provide ongoing litter cleanup, including monthly "Green Team" cleanup days with photos posted to the Club website
  • Maintain flag positions for alternate tee boxes
  • Monitor and report items requiring course maintenance, including basket rotation

The Membership Coordinator will:

  • Maintain the player roster and notify webmaster of any updates for the web site
  • Present player pack to new members, including WBDGC bag tag
  • Brainstorm and execute ideas for player member merchandise (e.g. custom-stamp discs, T-shits, marker discs, towels)

Event Coordinators will:

  • Assist with planning regular club events and the annual club member's tournament
  • Establish and maintain relationships with local WB businesses as sponsors for events
  • Establish and maintain relationship with other groups, such as Women Throwing Frisbee to collaborate on events

Board meetings will be held bi-monthly or as directed by the Director of Club Operations. Votes at regular scheduled board meetings are decided by a simple majority of those officers in attendance at the time of the vote. Specially called meetings are decided by a simple majority of all officers (those in attendance or absent). In either case an officer may vote proxy or absentee for all known votes. Board meetings are open to all active members and other invited guests, but only officers are allowed to vote. Visitors planning on attending board meetings are encouraged to contact any of the Club officers beforehand.

An officer may be impeached after missing three (3) scheduled meetings without notifying the board. Upon missing the third meeting the current board members must discuss and make a decision about impeachment. Once a decision has been made, the highest ranking board member will notify the impeached officer. For all open positions the board may decide to hold an election at an All Member Meeting or to appoint a current willing member into the open position.

All Member Meetings are to be held each spring and fall as specified by the board. The board may also vote to hold additional All Member Meetings. All Member Meetings must be publicly posted for at least seven (7) days in advance. A public posting must be clearly posted at the WB disc golf course, and on the WBDGC webpage and social media pages. Votes at an All Member Meeting are decided by a simple majority of attending active members except bylaws changes, which need at 2/3 majority vote of attending members. All Member meetings are open to all, but only active members may vote.

Most day-to-day decisions will be decided by a vote of the officers, but they may choose to put decisions to an all members vote. Any additions or changes in the WBDGC bylaws, WBDGC name change, and election of officers must be put to an All Members vote.

Absentee and proxy votes will be allowed at both Board and All Member Meetings.

Financial Structure and Procedures

A. Expenses

  1. Any and all purchases or orders on the Club's behalf must be voted on and passed by a majority of the officers. Minimum of 5 votes cast.
  2. Expenses include but are not limited to membership gifts, tournament prizes and entry packages, advertising, insurance, web hosting, and other incidental expenses incurred during the operation of the Club.
  3. An active checking account shall be maintained at all times for the purpose of paying any and all expenses related to the business of the Club.
  4. Any funds loaned to the club by individual Members shall be returned in full within the agreed upon timeframe.
  5. No loans shall be made to any club member for any reason.

B. Income

  1. Any income from club hosted events, sponsorships, or the sale of merchandise shall remain the property of the Club.
  2. All club income and funds shall be used for the specific purpose of furthering the purpose of WBDGC and promoting disc golf in our community.
  3. Any fund transactions by the club should be performed by the Treasurer.
  4. No Club Member shall profit from any income the Club receives in the process of normal operations.


Should the WBDGC be dissolved, all material possessions of the organization must be sold and the moneys obtained from the sale divided equally among all active members after all bills have been paid. The board, if still intact, may otherwise choose to donate any or all possessions to another disc golf club, organization, park, or worthy group.