PostHeaderIcon Goals, Objectives, and Activities

The Wells Branch Disc Golf Club is a non-profit recreation and social club. Below is a description of the club goals and activities for 2015.

Goal 1: Support the enjoyment of disc golf as a hobby sport in Wells Branch (WB).

Objective 1.1: Provide regular events for players to enjoy the sport and encourage community

  • Activity 1.1.1: Organize an annual "fun" tournament for WB families and the disc golf community w/custom stamped disc (next event: May 2016)
  • Activity 1.1.2: Purchase bag tags to be used for casual challenges throughout the year by club members
  • Activity 1.1.3: Organize an annual WBDGC Members mini that is free for club memebrs current on their dues (or $10 day of) with free food and prizes
  • Activity 1.1.4: Post weekly winner updates to WB Facebook pge and WB club web site
  • Activity 1.1.5: Track and award annual WB Sunday Doubles Player of the Year
  • Activity 1.1.6: Support local TDs who run weekly mini tournaments on Sunday (doubles) and Monday/Friday (singles)

Objective 1.2: Encourage growth of disc golf as a sport for new players

  • Activity 1.2.1: Host semi-annual educational disc golf clinics to teach new players how to play the port
  • Activity 1.2.2: Host occasional events for specific player groups (e.g. Veterans, Wells Branch residents, couples, youth, parent/child, Women Throwing Frisbees)

Goal 2: Support the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the WB course.

Objective 2.1: Raise money to donate to WB for annual tree planting

  • Activity 2.1.1: Develop artwork and purchase stock of custom-stamp discs, minis, hats, towels, and T-shirts to sell for club promotion and fundraising
  • Activity 2.1.2: Maintain a close, positive working relationship with the Wells Branch MUD

Objective 2.2: Organize local players in maintenance of the course

  • Activity 2.2.1: Pick up litter on regular basis while playing and during monthly Wells Branch Green Team park clean up days
  • Activity 2.2.2: Organize volunteers for an annual work day to support park maintenance (annual spreading mulch)
  • Activity 2.2.3: Assign players to water future tree plantings in areas with no irrigation

Goal 3: Acquire and manage the resources required to operate the club efficiently

Objective 3.1: Set up club finances and structure for authorizing club purchases to facilitate event planning and fundraising

  • Activity 3.1.1: Organize annual membership drive events in Jauary of each year
  • Activity 3.1.2: Elect club officers
  • Activity 3.1.3: Set up and ratify club bylaws
  • Activity 3.1.4: Set up club funds management system
  • Activity 3.1.5: Maintain club status as a 501(c)(7) non-profit social and recreational club (No annual filing requirement. We are exempt from income taxes, but donations to the club are not tax-deductible.)
  • Activity 3.1.6: Investigate getting DBA (Wells Branch Disc Golf Club)

Objective 3.2: Obtain and maintain technology infrastructure to support club

  • Activity 3.2.1: Maintain and enhance club web site
  • Activity 3.2.2: Obtain portable computer software to run local minis (e.g. print cards, manage scoring and payouts)
  • Activity 3.2.3: Update information about the WB course and events on 3rd party sites (e.g. Disc Golf Course Review)