PostHeaderIcon Wells Branch 2016 Player of the Year Standings

2016 Wells Branch Player Standings

(1 pt. given for each winning score and 1 pt. for each ace during the year.)

Jeff Cooper in 1st with 4 points.
Jeff Cooper Jeff Cooper
Cory Frankenhauser, Joel Kelly, Josh Yoshi Harzewski are tied for 2nd with 3 points.
Cory Frankenhauser Cory Frankenhauser Joel Kelly Joel Kelly Josh Harzewski Josh Harzewski
Abel Flores, Alex Downs, Brian Litke, Gus, Jerry Perez, Joe Torrence, Kyle Goens, Traye Dean in 5th with 2 points.
Alex Downs Alex Downs Kyle Goens Kyle Goens Brian Litke Brian Litke Jerry Perez Jerry Perez Traye Dean Traye Dean
Adam Hernandez, Alex Gonzalez, David Hoke, Gabriel Downs, Jeff Cooper, Joe Carmical, Joey Dalton, Kurt Richard, Mike Shay, Ricky Molis, Rob Ybarbo, Shane Linney, T.j. Elders are tied for 13th with 1 point.