PostHeaderIcon Registration and Local Rules for the Wells Branch Sunday Doubles Tournament

When and Where to Register

Wells Branch residents are invited to play in a random-draw partner, doubles disc golf mini-tournament at 10 am each Sunday. Please purchase a Wells Branch recreation tag to support the maintenance of the park and further development of the course.

Directions: [map] From Austin, take I-35 North and exit Wells Branch Parkway (exit 247) going West.  At the first stop light (you'll see a Diamond Shamrock), turn right on Wells Port.  Drive down Wells Port 1/4 mile to the bridge crossing a stream.  Park and enter the greenbelt path on the right.  Meet at the table at 9:45.  Tee off at 10:00.

Local Rules that Apply to Sunday Doubles:

  • Partners are randomly chosen: Players draw cards to determine partners before the round.
  • Payout is split between partners: Any payout is split between the doubles team members, including Ace pot and closest-to-pin (CTP) winnings.
  • Entrance Fee, Closest-To-Pin (CTP) Competition, and the Carryover Ace Pot at Wells Branch
    Each week, $2 of each player's $6 entrance fee is added into the ace pot for that day (the other $4 is paid back out to the top ~33% of the teams (players) entered). Therefore, the ace pot on any given Sunday = CARRYOVER + (#Players x 2). If there is no ace during the round, one dollar from each player's entrance fee carries over in the ace pot to next week, while the remaining dollar from each person's entry (#Players x 1) is awarded in a closest-to-pin (CTP) competition at the end of the round. The CTP target is selected by whoever suggests a fair target at the end of the round.
  • Trees: No tree penalty.  The disc is placed directly below where it comes to rest in the tree.
  • In Bounds: Cart paths and sidewalks are in bounds.
  • Out of Bounds: Fenced areas are out of bounds. Red lines painted along the creeks are also out of bounds. When you land close to or touching an out of bounds line, you receive one meter releif perpendicular to the out-of-bounds line, even if it takes you closer to the hole. You only take a penalty stroke if your disc landed on the opposite side of the O.B. line.
  • Odd-man out rules: If there is an odd-man out, they get one extra shot per hole, which they can use as either a drive, approach, or put on that hole. The odd-man-out can pay in an extra $5 to have 2 strokes per shot. (2 drives, 2 approaches, 2 puts).  The odd man out has to declare which drive counts towards the ace before the throw, unless they pay in twice, in which case both drives count towards the ace pot.  The odd-man-out only gets one shot at the closest-to-pin competition, even if paid in twice.
  • Courtesy violation for trash: If you deposit trash on the course (including cigarette butts) you will receive one warning and on a second instance if a player calls you on a courtesy violation your team will be penalized one stroke.