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The original Star Fleet Battles I and II games were designed to run from a floppy drive for DOS-based IBM computers, and in the 1990s, Dr. Sorensen and programmers decided to make an updated version, Starfleet Deluxe (SFD), with updated features and the ability to run easily on modern (Windows-based) operating systems.  The game is fully playable (I beta-tested the game and reached Admiral Emeritus rank) and nearly ready for public release when one of the programmers passed away. Although the most updated source code for the beta release of Starfleet Deluxe was lost on an unreadable hard drive, I have heard the Alpha version of the code exists and that Dr, Sorensen still has plans to release a final version of the game.  Although the original Starfleet Games Central site and it's Starfleet Games Central bulletin board went offline in 2007, the web site files were moved to a new host in July, 2008. I encourage you to visit the site, join the discussion, and show you're interest for the Starfleet game series by Dr. Sorensen.

Where to Download:
Starfleet Deluxe exists
in alpha and beta release versions which are fully playable.  The alpha version even has access to the programmer's debugging options for game-wide settings (unlimited energy, no Zaldrons, etc.) The Beta version (with advancement past rank level 3 locked) was the last version released by Dr. Sorensen, and that version is available for download at:

Latest News:
I exchanged e-mails with Dr. Sorensen in January 2008, and he expressed hope for future SFD development with one of the programmers that has worked with him on other projects. In July, 2008, I was contacted by the admin of the new Starfleet Games Central site, letting me know the site and bulletin board are available.

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